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Please enter your postcode or any part of your address in the search box above and left click 'Find', then select your specific property in the drop down list above where is says 'Select address...', the system will then gather information in your locality and present it to you in a few seconds.

If one address is returned, local information will automatically display for that address.

Issues with finding your property:

We would recommend searching the postcode, however the address search will return all addresses that include all the address data searched for, independent of order. For example searching for 'Hall Town' will return Town Hall addresses. The search will not return any addresses if any address data searched for is wrong, such as being misspelt.

If your postcode doesn't find your address, please try and search for your address using your property number and street name or your property name with or without the street name. If you are still unable to find your address or wish to discuss any errors with your address, please contact the Council Tel: 01277 312 500 Email:

To find another property:

Please follow the above procedure again.

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